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Photographer & Filmmaker from Bucharest, Romania.

Currently working as a video producer for JA Alumni Europe.

I always enjoy a cup of good specialty coffee - former barista here.

Also, I wear black from head to toes 90% of the time. I don’t want to waste time with matching colors.

Has a mandala tattoo.


I don’t want to label myself as a fashion photographer, or beauty photographer, or portrait photographer and so on. I’m tired of this.

There were times when I was questioning if I should introduce myself as a fashion photographer, or beauty, or portrait, or just two of hem, or maybe all three? This topic was a constant battle going on inside me. Until I decided to not label my craft as being this or that anymore.

There were times when I stopped myself from sharing an image, just because it didn’t “matched” my Instagram feed / theme. Everybody tells you how important the look of your social media feed is, to have a theme, a style going on, right? But not for me anymore. Yes, fashion and portraiture photography is my main thing, that’s what I enjoy doing most of the time. But sometimes, I’m feeling like taking my camera, walk the streets and take photos. If I’m feeling an image is worth sharing with others, I will do that, even if it’s a landscape shoot on film. Because, you know what? That’s part of me. The way I shoot, framed and retouched that image, it’s party of my style. So no more labels.

I’m a photographer.




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